Layla K “The Digital Doll”

I am Layla k., The Digital Doll and I began my career in the late 90’s as a couture fashion designer. I have since expanded my creative talents to many parts of the industry including marketing, creative direction, photography, merchandise buying, graphic design, web development, editorial writing, fashion show production, brand styling, experiential events, fashion PR and so much more!

I have been in the marketing business for over 18 years but I especially love social media. I am most notably known for founding the original Atlanta Fashion Week, affectionately known as Haute.lanta® but I continue to produce large-scale runway shows for private and corporate clientele. My marketing and public relations work has secured placements for my events and clients in many major publications including VOGUE, Armani, Elle, Essence, Gestalten, IN STYLE, Marie Claire, The Zoe Report & many more.  

Nicknamed, “MISS VIRAL” by my colleagues, I spend my days as a professional digital and social marketer. I manage millions of dollars in ad budget for luxury automotive brands and clients on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. On my own peronal niche Instagram and FB pages, I have over 100K followers and reach millions posting and curating organic and user generated content every month. My social pages are also monetized, which you can learn more about in my books. In addition to offering a collection of digital products, webinars and motivational planners that teach fashion and female entrepreneurs how to grow and market their businesses online, I also own a niche fashion business directory, digital magazine, and manage fashion brands and influencers under my agency, Madison + Harlow Creative Group.

Find me on Instagram @DigitalDollOfficial 💕